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USC graduate thanks DSS worker who helped achieve his dream

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Ronald Scott and his fellow Gamecock brother, Patrick Plunkett Ronald Scott and his fellow Gamecock brother, Patrick Plunkett

The University of South Carolina has a lot of proud graduates, but there are few who are as proud as Patrick Plunkett. His road to graduation was a lot more difficult than the rest of them.

"I'm very proud of myself, especially to be an alumni of Carolina," said Plunkett.

Last week Plunkett graduated from the University's Carolina Life Program. He was adopted by the Scott family when he was born, and he always wanted to be a Gamecock like his older brother, Ronald.

"Going through my mind was,'Oh, we're done.'" said his mother, Patricia Scott. "I'm so happy we're was just joy. It was joy because he had achieved being a Gamecock and that was really his desire, his dream."

The Scotts admit Patrick couldn't have accomplished his dream without the help of his DSS case worker, Wynona Doctor. They showed their appreciation with a certificate presentation Friday.

"It was my way of saying thank you to a young lady who worked so well with my son," said Scott. "Thank you for having passed this road with me for the last seven years."

Scott is the first person who was in the care of the Department of Social Services to graduate from USC's Carolina Life Program.

"It was a blessing to see him do that and accomplish his goal," said Doctor. "I wanted to make sure he received what he needed."

"I knew that he wanted to be a Gamecock. He talked about it all the time," said Plunkett's aunt Katherine Thomas. "Mission accomplished."

And when it comes to his favorite fellow Gamecock, Plunkett's love goes beyond strangers like Jadeveon Clowney or Marcus Lattimore. It's his brother Ron.

"It made me very proud," said Scott when asked about it. "Just knowing that I've had a chance to watch Patrick from day one, when he was born and when he grew up. Seeing him become what he is today, I'm very proud of him. And I'm shocked that he would say that I was his favorite Gamecock. It means a lot to our family."

"If it wasn't for my family and God, I don't know where I'd be today," said Plunkett.

"Each of us has a job to do for somebody," said Plunkett's mother. "if you go along this road in life and you're able to help somebody and see it fulfilled, your living is not in vain."

"It's a blessing to be such a part of a legacy that I'm glad to fulfill," said Plunkett.

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