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The Choice Bus looks to make an impact on state's dropout rate

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Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of school and South Carolina students are getting a taste of what could happen if they don't choose to get an education.

It's all happening on a school bus that's making it's way through the Palmetto State.

It's similar on the outside to what many students take to get to school, but inside the message is all about what it takes to keep them there.

This experience on wheels aims to impact education, self-respect, and empower students to make good choices.

"The Choice Bus" has stopped through several states since it began in 2008. It's one of many tools the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation has introduced to students to fight dropout rates.
While parked, students sit through a presentation where they hear stories from others who have quit school.

Eight out of 10 dropouts end up behind bars, which is why half of the bus has been transformed into a prison cell. And for some of the seventh graders at Alice Drive Middle School in Sumter, it seems to be the part of the experience that makes a lasting impression.

And for those running the bus, they hope the reaction sticks with students for years to come.

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