Hampton goes undrafted, says he's not ready to give up on football

Victor Hampton breaks up a pass intended for Mississippi State's Joe Morrow during first-quarter action last year. (Source: gamecocksonline.com)
Victor Hampton breaks up a pass intended for Mississippi State's Joe Morrow during first-quarter action last year. (Source: gamecocksonline.com)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Victor Hampton said Saturday he's disappointed and frustrated after bad press likely lead to the former Gamecock cornerback to go undrafted.

"I guess my name has just been associated with too many negative things, especially close to the draft," Hampton told WIS. "It's definitely disappointing because I know what type of person I am. I know the positive that I do. I know what type of heart I have. It's been a tough three days for me and my family."

Last month Hampton was arrested in Columbia for a domestic dispute with his sister and was wanted for questioning after an incident at a NYC nightclub. NYPD have since cleared Hampton of any wrongdoing.

"The New York incident, there was no way around it, I didn't start anything," Hampton said.  "I was minding my own business and I just happened to be in a situation that was bad for me."

Hampton said the heightened exposure probably hurt his draft chances over the weekend.

"Sitting back for three weeks probably hurt me with teams just eliminating me off their boards and not really caring if I was exonerated or not," Hampton said. "I do think those things played a big part in why I'm sitting here with a dumb face on right now."

Hampton said he is confident in his ability to be an asset to any team and hopes a team will give him a chance.

"It's tough for me right now," Hampton said. "I always dreamed of playing in the NFL. I know I'm NFL ready. I'm probably going to keep grinding waiting for a call but if not, then I have to find another way to feed my family. I'm not ready to give up on football, I've played this sport all my life so wherever I get an opportunity to do so I'm going to do it. Of course I know where I should be and I think a lot of other people know where I should be."

Last season, Hampton finished fourth on the squad with 51 tackles, including a team-high 43 solo stops. He tied for the second on the team with three interceptions and led the squad with nine pass breakups. He also returned nine punts for 27 yards and a pair of kickoffs for 39 yards.

Despite dealing with adversity in the past, Hampton continues to move forward and will work with his agents in the hope of securing a spot in the NFL.

"God hasn't brought me this far to leave me and my family, so I got to keep my head up which is tough right now, it's very tough," Hampton said.  "My mom's strong and she's always taught me to hold my head up high and that's what I'm going to continue to do. I've tried to stay positive even though so much bad has been said about me… hopefully a team does give me an opportunity."

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