Couple brings a little bit of Silicon Valley to Palmetto State - - Columbia, South Carolina

Couple brings a little bit of Silicon Valley to Palmetto State


A family of South Carolina entrepreneurs is bringing a little of Silicon Valley to South Carolina.

It can be a risky business. Failure can mean your app is forgotten like it never even existed. Success, on the other hand, can mean millions of dollars and worldwide recognition

Kevin and Crisie Smith found success in a virtual candy factory last year.

"We have about five million fans," said Kelvin, CEO of Development Innovations, LLC.

"Downloads remain constant at 30,000 downloads"

Now just a year since they created their first app KC Candy Factory, the husband and wife duo are rolling the dice one again, this time on an idea they got from a commercial.

"At that very moment, Kelvin and I look at each other and it snapped immediately," Crisie said.

Over 1,800 man hours and $30,000 later, the Smith's newest app, Outrun Epic was born.

While come media portrayals show apps make money quickly, on average, it can take an app development company two years to see any profit.

The developers at Columbia based tech start up 52 App make their profit creating apps for businesses that want a mobile presence and it's been paying off.

"A very simple app from our commission model would be $25,000, well up to more than $100,000 for something that is extremely complex," said 52 App co-founder Chris Thibult.

But when there's so much competition, keeping an app relevant for long can be a challenge.

"The shelf life of applications are generally short," Thibult said. "I guess the biggest gage of an applications success if you want to take money out of the factor would just be to log onto the apple app store and see who's at the top of the charts."

The Smiths are hoping their second app will be enough to sustain and even grow their company.

"That idea you have, it may be successful it may not," Kelvin said. "The only way you're going to find out is by doing days and months of studying and putting all your ideas on paper. And talking to other developers that have been successful."

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