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Fundraiser established to help Sumter teen and family

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A fund has been set up for the 13-year-old Sumter teen who lacked a bed and other basic bedroom necessities for a growing teenager.

Sumter Police officer Gaetano Acerra received a call from the family after the teen, Cameron Simmons, got into an argument with his mother.

When Acerra arrived, he found the Simmons was sleeping on an inflatable mattress. The teenager said the mattress would slowly deflate throughout the night.

Acerra then decided to step in and help the boy by getting him a bed, a television, and a Wii video game console.

"My heart went out for him," said Acerra. "I thought the little things that he needed I could give him, to make him a happier kid."

Acerra brother, Ferdinando Acerra, has set up a fundraising page to capitalize on the attention this story has received in the Midlands and help the teen further.

"My brother's actions have the ability to inspire others, including myself, to continue to show the world that we as humans can still care for, and help those in need," said Ferdinando.

Ferdinando hopes to raise money for Simmons' family to help them with buying household goods, books, and home repairs.

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