Gov. Nikki Haley announces Military Spouse Appreciation Day - - Columbia, South Carolina

Gov. Nikki Haley announces Military Spouse Appreciation Day

(Source: Office of the Governor) (Source: Office of the Governor)

Governor Nikki Haley today joined S.C. Adjutant General, Major General Robert E. Livingston, Jr., Brigadier General Bradley Becker, the Commanding General at Fort Jackson Army Base, and Colonel Mike Metzler of the S.C. Air National Guard in announcing Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

The governor issued a statewide proclamation declaring May 9 as Military Spouse Appreciation Day throughout South Carolina.

President Ronald Reagan signed a nationwide proclamation officially recognizing Military Spouse Appreciation Day for the first time in 1984. Gov. Haley's proclamation recognizes the sacrifices made by military spouses, the vast contributions they make to their communities, and the importance of the support they show loved ones during deployments.

"I am the proud wife of a soldier and I know what it's like when your soldier deploys," said Gov. Haley. "Military spouses make sure that our soldiers don't have to worry, so that they can do what they do best, and that's protecting our country and keeping themselves safe. Our job is to always keep pride on our faces, to keep our families safe, and to show the rest of the country that we never mind sacrificing for the work that our soldiers do."

Maj. Gen. Robert E. Livingston, Jr. said he is proud of the spouses of soldiers and airmen in the S.C. National Guard.

"Their selfless service enables the members in our ranks to support the citizens of our great state when needed, as well as when deployed," Livingston said. "Thank you to all military spouses throughout our nation on this special occasion and every day, especially to my wife Barbara, for their sacrifices and understanding that freedom is not free."

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