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Mystery company to bring 1500 jobs to Chester County

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The unemployment rate in Chester County has plummeted by more than half of what it was just 5 years ago.

In 2009, the jobless rate in the county peaked above 20%, but now that number now sits at 7.4%.

County Officials expect that number to continue to drop.

Officials are being very tight lipped about a new company coming to town, going by only the codename "Project Summer".

Officials say the company will bring 1,500 jobs to the area and that has people around town talking.

"Definitely could help us. We could sure use the business," said T&M Restaurant employee Rebecca Peeler.

Peeler says she's ecstatic to hear a company is bringing 1,500 jobs to the county.

She's banking on the new jobs helping her business' bottom line and put more green in her pockets.

"We could get more service with people coming in to eat lunch. Business has been slow lately, so it'd probably pick up a good little bit," said Peeler.

"If you think that this isn't big for Chester County then grits ain't groceries," said Chester County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey.

While Roddey won't say the mystery company's name until an official announcement is made by state leaders, he did say along with the 1,500 jobs comes a $560 million investment from the company as well.

Roddey expects the new jobs to get the county's unemployment rate under the national average.

From 2008 up until last year the county's unemployment rate was in double digits, even peaking above 20% in that span.

"A lot of people might get tired of riding over here and build a house here. They might want to live here. They're going to be buying meals here. They're going to be spending money here. The economics of this thing is going to mushroom," Roddey.

Good news for residents like Joe Stillwell who says he's ready to see the county prosper.

"This area needs jobs. People need to go to work. They have families to support," said Stillwell.

County officials say an official announcement from the state leaders and the company is expected to be made in about a month.

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