Family finds Korean War vet's grave marker in back yard brush - - Columbia, South Carolina

Family finds Korean War vet's grave marker in back yard brush


You have to be looking for it to see it: it's just a small rectangular slab of marble, but a small grave marker has left Jackie and Bill Henderson with a lot of big questions.

"How did it get here? Was the man buried here? I tried to find family," said Jackie.

The gravestone is a military marker -- it says that Pvt. William Busby of Company D, 34th Infantry Regiment, died Sept. 14, 1955.

Jackie and her family discovered the stone while clearing out the brush in their back yard.

"It was here when we moved here four years ago," said Jackie. "We moved it from the back to the front."

Henderson's neighbor said the man that used to live on the property said Busby was his brother, but didn't mention how he died. The man later passed away and the grave marker was lost in the brush.

"One day this week, I saw it out there again and got really really curious about who this gentleman was," said Jackie.

Henderson took to the Internet and her research paid off.

"I went to find a grave, and I learned the gentleman died in Korea," said Jackie.

Henderson found the original order for Busby's grave marker, which was ordered by his mother. It shows he enlisted in the army June 19, 1953, a month before the Korean War ended, Busby was still stationed in Korea when he died two years later. But the order form also says Busby is buried in Olympia Cemetery in Columbia.

We went to the cemetery after leaving the Henderson's property. Sure enough, we found a headstone for William Busby was beside his family.

A volunteer for Find A Grave at the cemetery said the marker Henderson found is a footstone, which laid at the edge of veteran's graves and provided by the federal government. The marker was ordered but never made it to Busby's final resting place.

The Hendersons now want to make sure the footstone gets where it belongs.

"It seems like the right thing to do to put him where he belongs, and I hate it took this long to start doing something," said Bill.

We've put the Hendersons in touch with Olympia Cemetery officials in hopes of getting the process started.

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