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Plan on homeless to be presented to city council

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A plan to address Columbia's homeless will be presented to city council this week.

A panel organized to find ways to help the city offer solutions to homeless people will present its recommendations to council Tuesday. The recommendations are in response to a request for information issued by the council to come up with solutions for the issue of homelessness in the city. City leaders were looking for places or services where homeless people could get help once the winter shelter closed for the season.

Among the goals for homeless response adopted by city council were coordinating with other agencies, accountability for providers of homeless service and addressing the unique needs of the homeless people who need help.

At a work session in April, council members admitted that many of the homeless who are mentally ill are not getting the services and help they need.

The panel is making ten recommendations regarding homeless issues in Columbia. It recommends the city hire a coordinator for homeless services, possible changes to zoning rules that could create and support housing, establishing a homeless court and education and job training programs.

The recommendations will be presented at the city council budget workshop and work session Tuesday afternoon.

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