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App allows students to anonymously report bullying


Whether it's a tweet, post, or status update, social media has enhanced communication and the way information is shared. But for many students, cyber bullying can be a nightmare.

Enter the smartphone app "Anonymous Alerts."

Simply choose your problem, send it to school administrators or guidance counselors, and remain anonymous.

"You can use it for violent stuff, fighting suicide," said student Bryanna Brown. "Say there's someone out there who wants to hurt themselves, you can send that in."

State lawmakers are considering something similar, a statewide Report a Bully website with the same purpose.

"Children, parents, even teachers can call and report bullying in an anonymous fashion, so they're not subject to more bullying," said Rep. Chip Limehouse (R-Charleston). "We're going to kick bullies in the teeth and we're going to put kids that are missing school back in school."

School leaders say the app has shown the concept of anonymous online reporting works, and they hope younger students have access as well.

"That's when a lot of the bullying and drama and issues they deal with start so if this was used in middle schools this would be a great way for them to deal with those situations appropriately," said Heather Boudreaux, a technology integration specialist.

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