COMET proposes half-price fares for qualifying riders - - Columbia, South Carolina

COMET proposes half-price fares for qualifying riders, restructured routes


The COMET plans to offer half-price fares for certain riders who qualify.

COMET administrators announced Monday plans for half-price fares, multiple-day passes and reduced fares.  A public hearing on the proposals is being held at the COMET's Transit Center at the intersection of Sumter and Laurel Streets in downtown Columbia.

Among the proposals are half-price fares for veterans, seniors, kids under 18, people with disabilities and Medicare participants.

The COMET also plans to cut the price for all-day passes to $3 and eliminating End-of-the-Line charges and transfers.  Riders will be able to buy 5 and 7-day passes.

People who use the half-price fare program will have to purchase a COMET issued identification and specially-designed passes. Anyone can buy half-fare cards. Passengers who use them will have to show their COMET ID along with the half-fare pass. The program will not affect half-fare at the fare box.

The COMET also plans to introduce a 5-day pass for $12 and 7-day pass for $14. Riders can purchase all-day, 5-day and 7-day passes on the bus. 10-rides passes will no longer be sold on the bus but can be purchased at the transit center.

Proposed route restructuring:

  • Add Garnet Route, College Ave, Olympia, Bluff Road
  • Route 1:  Add Orbit
  • Route 4:  Realign, keeping mostly on Shop with Beltline and Bluff and add Orbit.  Increase frequency to 40 minutes, last run ends at transit center at 11:00 pm.  
  • Route 3/8:  realign to Route 3 to Pendleton, Harden, Rosewood, Devine and add Orbit.  Every 30 minutes, last run ends at transit center at 10:00 pm.
  • Route 15:  Weekend service ends at transit center at 9:30pm.
  • Route 16:  Mid-day service frequency increases to 30 minutes.
  • Route 20: Increase service frequency to 30 minutes all day, add Orbit.
  • Route 21: Realign mostly on Millwood, Devine, S. Beltline.  Hourly service.

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