Memorial service held for victims killed on SC roads - - Columbia, South Carolina

Memorial service held for victims killed on SC roads


Families and friends of loved ones killed on South Carolina roads last year came together at a memorial service in Columbia to remember those they lost.

The memorial service has been held annually by the SC Department of Public Safety since 1988 to bring together families and friends of the deceased and to educate the public in an effort to prevent future loss of life on the state's roads.

"This is an event where we bring the families together and let the families know that we will always remember our loved ones," said SCDPS Director Leroy Smith. "We let the family know that we will pray for them today and we support them and stand by them and let them know that we are in this battle together and we will make sure that we do everything in our power to not only reduce the fatality rate but eliminate the fatality rate in our state."

Smith said the SC Department of Public Safety reported 760 traffic fatalities last year, which is the second lowest number of traffic fatalities in 50 years.

"We still have a lot of work to do," Smith said. "We are not satisfied with just reducing fatalities, we want to eliminate the fatalities."

Bobbi Jackson lost her grandson in a traffic accident in 2011 after he was not properly restrained in a car seat.

"It was very hard to deal with, very hard to swallow and deal with it and one way that I found comfort and peace was to learn as much as I can about child seat restraints and to share that information with others," Jackson said.

Jackson's grandson never made it to his first birthday.

"They are going through a lot of hurt right now, not understanding with what has happened with losing their loved one," Jackson said. "They are probably questioning why it had to happen to my family member, why did it have to be my child, my father."

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