Memphis Symphony Orchestra prepares for 'Rebirth the Dream' conc - - Columbia, South Carolina

Memphis Symphony Orchestra prepares for 'Rebirth the Dream' concert

(Image Source: Kickstarter) (Image Source: Kickstarter)

(WMC) – Members of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, along with Mayors A C Wharton and Mark Luttrell, were on hand on Wednesday for the premiere of the "Rebirth the Dream" concert set for May 16 at the Cannon Center. 

After an uphill financial battle, Memphis Symphony Orchestra leaders say they are now on the right track.

Wednesday, they unveiled a new and free concert for the Mid-South.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra has spent days rehearsing for this original symphony, this original musical, written for Memphis and its people.

They were written as notes of unity.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra is almost ready for the world premiere of " Rebirth of the Dream."

This musical work is inspired by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is designed to inspire a new narrative for Memphis by uniting and uplifting the region through music.

"Music is the universal language and music brings people together and frankly, working together is the only way we can move the needle forward in Memphis and Shelby County," says National Civil Rights Museum Executive Director Beverly Robertson.

Adorned with blue and green ribbons around their neck, members of symphony conductor Mei-Ann Chen's Circle of Friends organized this musical event.

But they say it is beyond a one night performance.

It also has a curriculum component that can be used in schools all over the Mid-South.

"We look at this as a way to bring the arts in a very special way to school systems not only here but in schools across the country," adds Mei-Ann's Circle of Friends member Mary McDaniel.

The 150 members of Mei-Ann's Circle of Friends told their individual stories to composer Paul Brantley.

He then put those stories to music in a way to expose everyone to the symphony.

"Every woman's voice, everything she said was recorded, what she felt and then that came together and was really handed over to composer Paul Brantley," continues Mei-Ann's Circle of Friends member Gayle Rose.

This free musical event takes place Friday, May 16th at the Cannon Center.

To get your free ticket and to select your seat, click here.

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