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Pima County Fair continues record-breaking ride

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As the Pima County Fair enters its first full week, fair organizers are already celebrating success.

They say attendance is up again this year.

Pima County Fair officials say, while most state and county fairs might grow attendance by two or three percent a year, the Pima County Fair's attendance jumps at least 14 percent a year and has set attendance or revenue records since 2005.

It seems that while the Pima County Fair has all the rides food and entertainment, it also has a philosophy that has led to the record-breaking performances, even in tough economic times.

It's a "give them what they want" philosophy, you might say.

You'll still see the things you liked about the fair years ago such as amazing food and exciting rides, but times are changing.

The organizers say they are including edgier acts and programs because they recognize changes in families and in the community, and they are embracing those changes and adapting to them.

The fair is going for a wide appeal.

"What's appealing to one family may not be appealing to another. There's families that want to come out during a night when it's more faith-based. There's other families that want to come out when there's no concerts. There's families that want to come when there's just a ride night. But then there's families that want to come and see a hip-hop show or a rock show or a country show," says Pima County Fair Marketing and Entertainment Manager Launa Rabago.

"It's a very kid-friendly place says Jared Juan, who took his children to the fair on Tuesday. "There are not a whole lot of other places other than like the zoo or children's museum that you go to all the time. So It's just something different to take them out to like a once-a-year type of thing."

Perry and Carol McMillan were enjoying the fair.

"This just takes me back to my childhood and it's wonderful. And I just love looking at the animals and seeing the kids have a great time. There's concerts. There's just so much to do," Carol says.

As for Perry, he says, "It ends up, as you get older, you come out to eat more than you do rides. We look forward too the eats every year."

The fair's Rabago says, "I think that we still have the old-fashioned aspect to the fair, but we don't want it just to be that. Let's have some new fashion. Let's recognize the changes. Let's go after these new people. Let's accept the change. Let's go with the flow."

Plus, the fair has changed to keep up with technology and social media.

This years fair has almost 40,000 Facebook followers.

The fair runs through Sunday.

The Pima County fair runs every day through Sunday.

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