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St. Peter's Catholic Church hosts 28th annual Easter banquet

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Not everyone was able to make a meal for Easter but that doesn't mean they had to go without.

For the 28th year, St. Peter's Catholic Church in Columbia hosted an Easter banquet.

"I really wouldn't call it work, I would call it a gift," organizer Robert Keeder said. "Some of us are given these gifts. Some of us know how to use them, and we use ours by feeding the homeless, the elderly, the poorest of the poor, and the ones that cannot help themselves. We do that through nourishment and we do that through prayer with them also."

The meal was free and included turkey, ham and all the fixings.

"I think most people are appreciative," Keeder said. "I don't think you have to be homeless to appreciate something. Most of us get something from somebody whether it's Christmas or Thanksgiving or a birthday or an anniversary. Whatever we give to somebody I think people automatically sense that someone loves them by giving and obviously it's better to give then to receive."

Adults were given toiletry bags before leaving and children went home with Easter baskets filled with candy and toys.

"That's what we're doing here at St. Peter's, we're making sure that no one will be alone," Keeder said.

St. Peter's, located on Assembly Street, will host another meal May 17. The church also provides meals on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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