Orangeburg community comes together to help 8-year-old girl batt - - Columbia, South Carolina

Orangeburg community comes together to help 8-year-old girl battling leukemia

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The Orangeburg community rallied around one of their own Saturday afternoon.

A fundraiser was held on Russell Street for an 8-year-old girl battling leukemia.

Shi'nara Grant just finished up her last chemotherapy treatment and is in remission but she's building back up her immune system so she was not able to attend today's event.

Her mother is in awe over this showing of support.

"It actually feels kind of good 'cause it's just like, when you don't know somebody and they're doing something for you, it kind of brings you a joy of fulfillment," said Chauraunda Grant. "It lifts your burdens and makes you wonder, somebody that I don't know can actually do something like this for me and my children and my family because you know, it's just out of this world awesome, it's incredible, it's phenomenal."

Master's Hair Studio helped put on the event.

"When I saw this little girl, I immediately thought, that could be my kid and when I saw her, because I saw how beautiful she was, she was confident still yet with no hair and I was like, you know what, I need to do something," said owner Rashawn Colter.

Leukemia usually starts in the white blood cells, according to Your white blood cells are potent infection fighters — they normally grow and divide in an orderly way, as your body needs them. But in people with leukemia, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells, which don't function properly.

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