Family says goodbye to 7-year-old killed in accidental shooting - - Columbia, South Carolina

Family says goodbye to 7-year-old killed in accidental shooting


It was an emotional Saturday in West Columbia as family and friends said goodbye to 7-year-old Juliet Lynch.

Lynch died last weekend at a birthday party in Gaston.

Police say a 5-year-old accidentally fired a rifle that was in a car trunk. A fragment of the bullet struck Juliet, killing her and injuring another child.

Last Saturday, Lynch was playing at a birthday party. Her family never thought a week later, they'd be at her funeral.

The line of people was out the door at the funeral home where the little girl was remembered.

Her mom, dad, brothers and sisters, including her twin sister, sat in the front row.

Juliet's older sister spoke at the funeral, calling the little girl funny, with a big heart.

Another speaker, remembers Juliet as "sassy", and says he hopes everyone learns from this tragedy.

"Juliet was our gift from God and the way I see it, ladies and gentlemen, she was more than any of us could handle," he said. "She had too many skills for us, she was so special, and God chose here to have no worries and no pains, sitting next to him in his kingdom."

Family members say they hope this reminds people to cherish every single day they have, and they hope Juliet's memory is never forgotten.

As for the investigation into Juliet's death, the man who owns the weapon told investigators he was the only person who knew the loaded rifle was stored in the trunk and he was unaware his girlfriend was planning to unlock the trunk.

So far, no charges have been filed in connection with Juliet's death.

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