WIS GM: Pollen means money for SC

Ah, that golden dust that covers everything this time of year. It may choke allergy-sufferers and drive people who like clean cars and porches crazy, but all that pollen in the air means money to South Carolina.

The trees that make that pollen contribute $17 billion dollars to the South Carolina economy and provide 90,000 jobs that provide $4.1 billion in payroll, according to the South Carolina Forestry Commission. Timber is the state's number one manufacturing industry and cash crop. Two-thirds of South Carolina is forested.

The Forestry Commission says timber and wood products are the number-one export from the Port of Charleston by volume, accounting for one-third of the products shipped.

So next time you sneeze or curse that golden dust, keep in mind that it's the color of money for SC.

That's my Perspective.

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