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Residents upset over trees cut down near AL Capitol

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Several Montgomery residents are upset after discovering four or five large trees near the Alabama Capitol were cut down and removed.

One woman, a self-professed "tree hugger", was particularly angry saying the trees, located on Union Street, had been in place since at least the years when Gov. George Wallace was in office.

The trees were removed by the City of Montgomery at the order of Urban Forester Russell Stringer, who says he put off the removal longer that he should have due to their location.

But the time had come, Stringer said. The trees had severe decay that made them unsafe as street trees.

"Decisions to remove large trees like this are not made lightly, and large trees are ONLY removed if they pose a hazard to the public," the forester said in an email, adding that removing large trees, "is not a pleasant task for a city forester."

The spot won't remain bare for long, however. Stringer says in keeping with the city's street tree plan, plans include the planting of several large, health shade trees in the Fall.

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