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Another Chapin meeting set despite mayor's objection


The battle continues in Chapin as Town Council continues to stay divided, even with another special meeting called for Thursday.

Mayor Skip Wilson asked Town Clerk Adrienne Thompson on Tuesday to remove all items from Thursday's agenda.

"I am directing you to remove all items from the agenda on the grounds that this agenda, like the agenda for the April 10th meeting, has been prepared in violation of Town Ordinance 2.206(b) and Judge (G. Thomas) Cooper's March 18, 2014 ruling," Wilson wrote in an email to Thompson. "Failure to follow this directive immediately will be deemed as insubordination and will subject you to possible suspension as an employee of the Town of Chapin."

On April 10, a Town Council meeting was held by majority of council, which includes Mayor Pro Tem Vivian Atkins, Kay Hollis and Robert Frick. Wilson and Councilman Greg White did not attend last week's meeting, saying it was being held illegally.

Council moved forward with the meeting because it had a quorum and unanimously approved to change an ordinance that currently allows the mayor control over all council meeting agendas. Since Wilson's taken office in January, council members have complained that he will not place items they request on council meeting agendas.

Thompson told Wilson to refer to town ordinances that allow majority of council to set special meetings and the agendas for those meetings.

"I am growing weary of your threats to punish me for doing my job and trying to get me to perform duties that are against our town code and the rules of government, which you continue to manipulate to your private interpretation," Thompson wrote in a reply to Wilson.

Thursday's meeting calls for the second and final reading of this amended ordinance. Also on the agenda is consideration of a resolution to pay the utility attorney $6,000 for his services from January to April and to establish a deadline for payment each month. The council also wants to create a resolution to direct the mayor and town clerk to reimburse the town's petty cash fund and also direct a deadline for signing a check to reimburse this fund.

This week, Wilson presented the town clerk with a bill for his attorney's fees totaling $7,131.50 and asked she pay the bill immediately. Wilson's attorney's fees are a result of a lawsuit filed against him, Councilman Greg White and the Town of Chapin by the other remaining council members earlier this year. The case was dismissed last month by Cooper.

Council has also placed an item on Thursday's agenda to reject paying the attorney's fees for Wilson and White.

The meeting will continue as planned, and Atkins will officiate the meeting if Wilson is absent.

Chapin's Town Council meeting starts at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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