WIS GM: City leaders must give new chief chance to succeed

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS, and presented by General Manager Donita Todd.

After an exhaustive search and several years of leadership disruption, Columbia has yet another police chief. William "Skip" Holbrook,  a graduate of the FBI Academy and former Chief for Huntington, West Virginia's  police department, was sworn in April 11, ushering in what City Manager Teresa Wilson calls "a new era of integrity."

We can only hope so, as Holbrook inherits a department fraught with controversy, scandal, and dysfunction.  He promises to put forward a strategic plan that deals with immediate problems as well as longer range goals. In order for him to effectively work that plan, city council and the city manager must curb their interference and second guessing as Holbrook assumes this position and give him a chance to succeed with his vision for rebuilding a strong and effective police department for the city.

Welcome to Columbia, Chief Holbrook. We look forward to your leadership in upholding the law in Columbia and keeping our citizens safe.

That's my Perspective.  What's yours?

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