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Sons of fallen officer find joy in new family addition

It's been exactly one month since Jason Crisp, a Forest Service officer, and his K-9 Maros were killed during a manhunt in Burke county. But after weeks of pain, the fallen officers family got a bit of joy Saturday.

That joy came in the form of a new German Shepard puppy that is a striking image of Jason's former service dog.

"Nothing will replace Jason or Maros," said Richelle Bailey with the McDowell County Sheriff's Office. "I think this will bring joy to the whole family especially to the kids."

The kids, Garrett and Logan, instantly took to the puppy when it was introduced to them and their mother Amanda. 

"My heart was full," said Amanda Crisp. "Just seeing the kids and how excited they've been all day was just worth it."

Amanda said when the family was asked about bringing in a new dog, that looked just like Jason's K-9 partner Maros, she couldn't turn down the offer.

"Maros was a big part of our family," said Garrett Crisp, Amanda's oldest son. "She [Mara] looks a lot like Maros and sounds a lot of Maros when she barks." 

And coincidently Mara is being trained by the same woman who also worked with Maros before he was given to Jason.

"She symbolizes a kind of a new start," said Tracey Spilisbury, with Tarheel Canine in Sanford.

Spilisbury says after Jason and Maros were killed her group began brainstorming about what they could they do for the Crisp family. Then Mara came along.

Spilisbury says Mara was donated to Tarheel Canine and then onto the Crisp family by Camelot Shepards in Tennessee.

"She's going to be perfect," said Spilisbury. "Everyone's going love her. They're just going to love her."

And that love is already beginning to take hold.

"I think it gives them a little bit of comfort in a time when they need any kind of comfort they can get," said Richelle Bailey with the McDowell County Sheriff's Office.

"People around here aren't going to forget this family. We're going to help them as much as we can."

Mara will require a few more weeks of training before she joins the Crisp family permanently.

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