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Group turns to social media to help fix SC roads

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Many say South Carolina is known for having some of the worst roads in the country.

As the clock winds down this legislative session, one group is taking action - in 160 characters or less.

The group's director says they need a new way to get lawmakers to listen.

The South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads is turning to Twitter and Facebook and they are asking people throughout the state to speak out on social media.

And the group's new website allows drivers to upload pictures and videos of potholes, cracked and broken roads.

The group's executive director says half the pavement in the state is in poor condition.

"Hopefully, with this method with the social media networking and all, we're giving them that vehicle they need to make the contacts with their legislators," said Bill Ross with the SC Alliance to Fix Our Roads.

Ross said he is disappointed with how the state has dealt with the crumbling roads.

"I'm a life-long resident of South Carolina, and I've seen our roads just continue to decline," Ross said.

For Deborah Felder, bad roads make for bad driving.

"Instead of looking forward, you actually have to pay attention to the roads, because there's so many potholes and divots," Felder said. "You hear quite a few people complaining about the damage they're causing to their cars."

Lawmakers have talked about raising the gas tax or fees at the DMV but time is running out this legislative session.

"Why can't we make it a part of the budget already and get it done," Felder said.

Felder said she's not convinced another tax is needed but says roads need to become a priority and with each tweet, Ross hopes to do just that.

Last year, Gov. Nikki Haley pledged $1 billion over the next ten years for the state's roads but SCDOT said it'll need $29 billion over the next 20 years to really make a dent.

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