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Father, son spend a combined 100 years at The Masters


Everyone who makes it to The Masters has a story: how they got to The Masters, how long they waited for a ticket, or how many times they've been here.  For a father and son, it's been a long-standing tradition - one that has spanned a combined 100 years.

"It's the 38th for me and 62 consecutive for him so we've had 100 years here," David Mars said.

David Mars' father Charlie Mars, who is 89, started coming to The Masters when tickets were available for anyone to buy, and not so hard to come by.  

"About the fifth or sixth year they said 'You'd better sign up to get tickets.' So I signed up for 13 tickets and I wish I had for 25," Charlie Mars said while laughing. 

"He gets an awful lot of friends about this time with all The Masters tickets he has," David Mars said.

A Cessna is their mode of transportation, with David Mars as pilot, flying in each year from Jackson, MS. A lot has changed since they first began coming together.

"I didn't have a walking stick when I was here a long time ago," Charlie Mars said.

But so very much has stayed the same. And this year fits in line with The Masters rich tradition of producing great stories on and off the course.

"I'm looking forward to it very much," Charlie Mars said.

The Mars may make this year their last year together at The Masters. A century is a pretty good way to end a run.

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