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SC GOP uses same rhetoric to blast democratic gubernatorial candidate second time around

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The South Carolina Republican Party on Wednesday again ramped up efforts to put Democratic challenger for governor Vincent Sheheen on the defensive.

The GOP accused Sheheen, an attorney, of making money by putting violent criminals including a child molester and a domestic abuse defendant back on the streets before they should be.

The state GOP used a similar line of attack in his last contest against then-Representative Nikki Haley.

The tactic is back as republicans try to stay on offense in the race for governor.

South Carolina republicans had some trouble keeping their news conference signs standing up as they accused Sheheen of being less than upstanding in his work as an attorney.

"He wants South Carolinians to trust him," said chairman of the SC GOP Matt Moore. "For him to be able to lead them, but yet as a lawyer Vincent Sheheen has proven he's willing to sell out almost anyone for a paycheck."

The GOP says Sheheen served as defense attorney for several people accused of terrible crimes.

It's a familiar theme for republicans who tried to label the Camden-based senator as a trial attorney in his last campaign for governor.

Irmo attorney Katie Parham joined Sheheen's critics suggesting Sheheen bypassed options to hire other attorneys if he was appointed to cases he did not want to handle personally.

"I do not feel under any circumstances that we can have a governor in South Carolina who has represented perpetrators in these crimes and then have that same person represent the interests of the victims of these crimes," said Parham. "That is why I call this a political conflict of interest."

National republican organizations have also placed Sheheen in their sights.

For more than a month the Republican Governor's Association has been running ads attempting to link Sheheen with Obamacare.

Sheheen has supported Medicaid expansion in South Carolina and last month wrote a letter to RGA leader and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Sheheen told Christie the two shared the same views on more Medicaid.

Christie accepted Medicaid money for his state saying it was a "smart thing to do" that would help hospitals, the poor and create jobs.

Sheheen wasn't available to respond in person.

His campaign manager issued a statement saying in part if republicans and Governor Haley were concerned about children's safety Haley would fire her DSS director and make changes at that troubled agency.

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