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9 write-in candidates vying for open Lexington council seat

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Even with nine candidates vying for the seat on Lexington's town council, poll workers at one precinct said they'd be lucky to break triple digits from voters coming in. With such low voter turnout, voters say candidates may not be reaching the right demographics.

The town of Lexington's official population is higher than 19,000 people, but the poll workers at Precinct 3 said they only had 37 voters show up in the mayoral election and probably wouldn't get much more than that in Tuesday's special town council election.

"Based on my trips to the voting booth, I'm going to say this will be fairly low," said voter Sonja Burress.

Of the nine candidates hoping to take the open seat, at least two have held an elected office before. Randy Halfacre was voted out as mayor this past November and Constance Flemming has served on town council before.

"It's consistent," said Burress. "It's stayed the same for a long time, I feel like."

That consistency could explain the low turnout in Lexington's last mayoral election. We crunched the numbers and only 9 percent of the town actually made it out to the polls. It's also why Leslie Nemec chose not to vote today.

Nemec says she's politically active, especially when it comes to environmental concerns -- an issue she says isn't the candidates' top priority.

"I personally don't think there's as much of an outreach to the younger demographic," said Nemec. "Honestly, I don't understand taxes and healthcare, and that's what it's always about I feel like."

The polls close at 7 o'clock, so there is still a little bit of time to come out and vote, but poll workers told me it'll be a long night. Since it's a write-in ballot, they'll have to check each one for spelling.

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