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No charges in case where child was killed near bus stop

Zion Toland Zion Toland

No charges will be filed against the driver of a pickup truck that hit a 6-year-old Orangeburg County child while he was walking across a street to reach a school bus, according to a report from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

The Highway Patrol's Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team report reveals further details about the Jan. 8 accident that killed Zion Toland, an Orangeburg County School District 5 student.

The report says the driver of the pickup truck was driving three miles under the posted 55 MPH speed limit.

The driver told investigators she believed she hit a deer at first. She then pulled over and heard screams coming from the area around the school bus. The report says she fell to the ground when she saw a child's red and black shoe and book bag and realized what really happened.

The report says Toland was thrown up to a 137 feet when struck by the truck as he crossed the road.

A detailed account of the bus route shows the bus should have been on North Road, not on the private drive where it was.

In the bus drivers statement, he says he honked the horn and waved for the children not to cross the street.

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