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Miley Cyrus concert canceled in Charlotte due to illness

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Miley Cyrus' Monday night concert in Charlotte was canceled at the last minute due to illness.

"I'm heart broken. Honestly, I've never cried so much" said Maya Queenan, who drove in with her friends from Fort Mill.

The show, part of the "Bangerz" tour, was scheduled for April 7 at Time Warner Cable Arena.

According to officials, Cyrus was diagnosed with the flu and was ordered by doctors to rest.

Thousands of fans were already waiting in line to get into the Arena, when the cancellation was announced.

"Yeah my sweet 16 present" said Libby Nelson. "Supposed to be the best night of my life."

Hannah Haiderer said "I was currently in line waiting to get inside and I was really upset. It was kind of breathtaking for all of us."

Another fan said "I drove an hour and a half. She could have canceled it earlier. She's dumb on that."

And another teenager added "if they were rescheduling, it would be different. But they're not. That makes me angry. That's the worst thing - they're not rescheduling."

While most fans were angry that the show was canceled at the last minute, others were upset that it was canceled altogether. Many grew up watching Miley Cyrus on the Disney Cable Network.

"She was one of my idols when I was younger" said Hannah Haiderer. "So now when she's older I just wanted to see you know how much she's changed. How much I've changed."

"I don't want to say she doesn't care as like it's a bad thing" said Maya Queenan. "But she's okay with being herself and she tells a lot of people like whoever you are it's okay to be whoever you are."

Queenan said "at first I didn't think I was going to be able to see her. I was heartbroken because of that. Then about a month ago I found out I could get ticket and when we got tickets I was the happiest person in the world. And I actually thought I was going to see this girl I've been looking up to for years."

Refunds for tickets will be available at the point of ticket purchase. Tickets purchased online or by phone will be automatically refunded after 10 a.m. Tuesday.

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