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Neighbors in quiet Newberry Co. community grateful teen suspects caught

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Nick Waites Nick Waites

For those who live in the area, they couldn't believe it was playing out in their own backyards.

Many of the people who live in the neighborhood were at work when the events were unfolding.

For one man, it was happening much too close to home.

Nick Waites spends a lot of time in his backyard.

"I'm back there with my little girl riding the golf cart," Waites said.

The golf cart ride he took us on was for a much different reason.

"It's crazy," he said. "Yes it is."

Authorities were searching Waites' property reportedly looking for weapons the four suspects had with them.

"This morning I never would have thought they would have been back here on our property where the finally got caught," Waites said.

The four teens, one a murder suspect, were found in the wooded area.

"I'm glad they got caught and I'm glad Lee Foster's bunch and all the law enforcement did their job," Waites said.

Waites said the neighborhood is quiet.

"Nothing like this happens," he said. "A fight here and there but that's about it."

Now, he has a story to tell whenever he takes his cart for a ride out back.

Waites and neighbors we spoke with off camera say they're glad the suspects have been caught and are impressed with the job of local law enforcement.

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