Traditions come to life at Celtic event this weekend - - Columbia, South Carolina

Traditions come to life at Celtic event this weekend

John Banks models traditional kilt John Banks models traditional kilt

Kilts are the fashion item of choice this weekend at Tartan Day South in West Columbia.  Maybe you'll see some of the new official University of South Carolina tartan at the Historic Columbia Speedway.

"I would say 20% of the folks either will be wearing their family tartan or you'll see a lot of guys in kilts. You'll see a lot of ladies in very classy, interesting dress that fits the Scottish-Irish theme," said Event Coordinator John Banks.

In addition to showing their Celtic ancestry, visitors can taste traditional food and see some of the best Highland Games athletes in the region compete.

"These athletes are incredible. We have these huge guys who throw incredible weights and it's pretty fascinating stuff to see all they do," said Banks.

Four-legged competitors will be showing off their sheep-herding skills.

"Our music that will be here is some of the best you'll ever hear," Banks said. "Three great bands that really can be heard anywhere in the world, they're that good."

Co-Producer Donovan Murray says South Carolina has a long history connected to Scotland, Ireland and the Scots-Irish.

"You had so many Scots-Irish involved in the American Revolution with Francis Marion because they were more independent-minded and they were colonists," he said.

"With the conditions that they had with the weather , the terrain, they just became tough," said Murray. "And they were able to deal with just about everything.  They also, at the same time, weren't very trusting of government and that's why when you found when a lot moved to the United States, they tried to move as far away from cities and towns as they possibly could.

Tartan Day South comes just a few weeks after the University of South Carolina unveiled it's official tartan, which is registered in Scotland.

"I think it's pretty cool that you've got that here at USC," said Murray.

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