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911 call paints scene of teen's fatal stabbing at restaurant


We're learning more about the minutes leading up to the stabbing death of a Dutch Fork High School student. Lexington Police say Da'Von Capers, 17, was stabbed during a fight near the Cook-Out Restaurant in Lexington.    

Kierin Dennis, 18, is charged with murder.  

WIS has received a recording of the 911 call made right before the stabbing. The call was made in February approximately 2 1/2 minutes before Capers was stabbed.

It's clear from the recording that the caller was afraid something bad was going to happen.

Operator: "Lexington County 911. State your emergency."  

Caller: "I'm at the Cook-Out in Lexington here, South Carolina. I need to get a police officer out here to my parking lot. I've got a bunch of teenage kids out here. It looks like they're about to start a fight."

A man inside the restaurant made the call less than three minutes before Capers was fatally stabbed.

Caller: "It looks about 20 to 25 kids out there."

We don't know why the teenagers were in the parking lot, but according to the caller, things escalated quickly.

Caller: "He said that he heard them saying that they've got knives and people trying to run them over with cars and stuff."

Two minutes and thirty-five seconds into the call, the stabbing happens.

Caller: "Somebody just got stabbed, sir. Please hurry up and send somebody out here."

Police say Dennis committed the crime. His attorney, Todd Rutherford, has said Dennis felt threatened. They plan on using the Stand Your Ground defense. 

In the 911 recording, the operator asks the caller if he could get a suspect description. He couldn't, but described the scene after the stabbing.

Caller: "There's people trying to run and stuff. I mean, I can't see. They're all over the parking, sir."

The call ends when the caller tells the operator police have arrived.

The stabbing happened after a basketball game between Dutch Fork and Lexington.

Capers died at a hospital.

There are still many questions about why the stabbing happened. We continue to work to uncover that information for you.

As for Dennis, police say he led them to the murder weapon. It was buried in his neighbor's backyard.

Dennis is in jail. He has been denied bond more than once.

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