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State education leaders disagree over evolution, intelligent design standards

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It's a question mankind has struggled with for centuries: how was human life created? School textbooks may site evolution as the answer, but state education leaders are considering adding another option to the list for students to consider.

There is some disagreement amongst state education leaders about whether evolution is a fact.

One state senator says evolution should be taught as a theory and elements of other theories, like creationism or intelligent design, should also be presented to students.

The State Board of Education approved updated science standards last month, but some senators have a raised concerns about explaining how life evolved to what we know today.

Members of the Education Oversight Committee say students should be given other theories since school textbooks don't fully answer the question.

"We ought to at least acknowledge that evolution doesn't explain everything, and I don't see anything wrong with asking our students to analyze that and take a look at the things evolution doesn't explain," said board member Phillip Bowers.

"Science standards should really not become a political football, which they have become here in the last few months, bouncing back and forth for religious or political reasons," said Dr. Robert Dillon, Jr., a University of South Carolina biology professor. "People select evolution as being especially controversial and it's not controversial."

State Education superintendent Dr. Mick Zais has come out in support of teaching multiple theories.

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