Fort Jackson general: More budget cuts hit jobs - - Columbia, South Carolina

Fort Jackson general: More budget cuts hit jobs

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The Army is warning that additional federal budget cuts could cost about 3,100 jobs at Fort Jackson.

Brig. Gen. Bradley Becker announced Thursday that about half his workforce at the Army's largest basic training installation would be let go if additional budget cuts are made.

He says that could happen if more cuts are allowed under the automatic budget reduction process known as "sequestration."

Becker says he won't have to make those cuts if the Army stays at 490,000 troops.

But if sequestration returns and the Army is forced down to 420,000 soldiers, Becker says such job cuts are in Fort Jackson's future.

Becker said he'll continue to train about 44,000 soldiers annually for the next two years if no further budget cuts are taken.

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