Folks soon to get locked up for furry friends - - Columbia, South Carolina

Folks soon to get locked up for furry friends


Volunteers will soon get locked up for the sake of animals.

Animal advocates in Bainbridge are raising money to establish a "no kill" animal sanctuary.

They're holding an celebrity arrest event called "Help Get Your Dog Out" to get the mission going.

"Back in Connecticut I saw it in a mall and it was just really great, I thought it would be an easy way to generate some funds in the beginning, we're just getting started, so we need all the help we can get," said pet sanctuary vice president Sally Miller.

The no kill shelter will be named Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary.

Organizers are looking for a location.  They are willing to accept land donations which will become a tax write off for donors once the non profit status paper work goes through.

The supporters who get "arrested" will be held at Tractor supply on Tallahassee highway on April 5th until they raise $200 as their bail.

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