Victims have little recourse after being swindled by Lexington a - - Columbia, South Carolina

Victims have little recourse after being swindled by Lexington attorney

Leland Boozer Leland Boozer

Leland Boozer is blunt and forceful reacting to the 63 month prison sentence handed down to Richard Breibart.

"Very unfair," Boozer said. "Unfair to the legal system, unfair to the judicial system, unfair to the people of this state. Unfair to anybody that reads a newspaper. Unfair to everybody that you talk to realizes this is totally unfair. The judicial system is broke."

Boozer is one of more than a dozen, perhaps dozens, of people swindled out of their money by the former Lexington attorney.

Boozer said he and his family members turned over more than $700,000 to Breibart.

Money they thought would be put in a trust fund for safekeeping.

That cash vanished as Breibart used it to cover cost overruns at his law firm.

The losses became especially hard to bear for Boozer as his wife struggled with Alzheimer's Disease and his father neared the end of his life.

"My dad died," Boozer said. "I owed my dad money.That's how it affected me… I'm ashamed of it. I don't like it."

Boozer said his daughter still blames him for ruining the family's finances.

"She's convinced that I'm the thief and not Mr. Breibart," Boozer said. "And so it has totally destroyed our family."

Boozer said he's trying to hang on financially and hopes someday to pull his family back together.

"I'm 73 years old, I can still make a dollar," Boozer said. "My back's still good. My arms are good, my legs are good. The Lord's blessed me. He's blessed me and will continue to bless me. Money's not worth anything. My integrity is. And I lost that."

In court yesterday, Breibart told the judge the money he fraudulently took from his clients was all spent to cover office expenses.

Boozer said he doesn't believe it, he believes some of that money has been hidden away.

Federal authorities have found no evidence of that.

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