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Seventeen dogs rescued from puppy mill ready for adoption

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(Source: Pawmtetto Lifeline) (Source: Pawmtetto Lifeline)

It was just before South Carolina's big February ice storm that officials at Pawmetto Lifeline went to a Midlands home to rescue seventeen dogs that were living in deplorable conditions.

"It was shocking," said Denise Wilkinson, the CEO of Pawmetto Lifeline. "The volunteer that delivered the dogs was crying, she was just sobbing."

Matted, and covered in their own feces, the dogs had everything from skin conditions to eye infections.

"They looked like they had dread locks hanging from their body," Wilkinson said. "You could not even tell what type of breed of dog they were."

Wilkinson said the volunteer who discovered the dogs at a Midlands breeder was the one who convinced the owner to surrender the animals. They believe it was just in time.

"We got them on Tuesday [Feb. 11], the storm hit Tuesday night/Wednesday… and we were worried that if we did not rush to get them on that day, many may not have survived the storm because they were outside dogs," said Wilkinson.

The owner said the dogs lived in crates and a barn for most of their lives.

The rescues spent the last three weeks being rehabbed through the shelter.

"It's just awesome to see the progress that they've made," said Gina Bacon, Pawmetto Lifeline's Veterinary Assistant. "That they're running around and playing, that they're socializing…it's been great to see this huge progress they've made."

While the dogs are currently in foster homes, sixteen of the seventeen are now ready to be adopted into their forever home.

"They all deserve a chance to have a family to show them how we treat our companion pets," said Wilkinson. "They're not property, they're not to be sold just for money. They're to be cared for and loved."

Shelter officials said if you're thinking about adopting one of the rescues, they would best in a home with children over the age of six.

On March 7-8, Pawmetto Lifeline is hosting a meet and greet with the rescues from noon to 5 p.m. each day at their Bower Parkway Headquarters.

Pawmetto Lifeline has provided this list of the names, breeds, ages, genders and coats of the dogs.

The rescues are everything from Shihtzus and Poodles to Pomeranians and Lhasa Apsos.

(1) Rachel – Shihtzu, 6 years, female, gray & white

(2) Sophia – Poodle mix, 8 years, female, white

(3) Pelee - Pomeranian mix, 7 years, female, red

(4) Pax – Pomeranian mix, 17 weeks, male, white

(5) Viktoria- Poodle mix, 3 years, female, white

(6) Anastasia- Poodle mix, 1 year, female, white

(7) Tippy – Poodle mix, 1 year, male, fawn

(8) Julia – Lhasa Apso mix, 7 years, female, gray & white

(9) Katarina- Lhasa Apso mix, 5 years, female, black

(10) Athena – Poodle mix, 1 year, female, white

(11) Eloise – Pomeranian, 6 years, female, black & white

(12) Margaret – Pomeranian, 5 years, female, black & white

(13) Reggae – Lhasa Apso mix, 6 years, female, gray

(14) Janis Joplin – Poodle mix, 6 years, female, white

(15) Tillman – Poodle mix, 5 years, male, white

(16) Mikey – Pomeranian, 5 years, male white

For more information call Pawmtetto Lifeline at (803) 465-9150.

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