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Decked in patriotic colors, group runs mile for every US medal won

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In the Capital City, there is no shortage of red, white, and blue. American flags fly through Columbia and since the Winter Olympics began, those patriotic colors have been on the move.

Four friends who have a passion for fitness and their country have been running up and down the streets of Columbia decked out in patriotic colors and waving American flags. Past their attire, there is a reason for their run.

They are running a mile for every U.S. medal won in Sochi to show support for Team USA's Olympians.

"They sacrifice a lot of their time and lives just to go over there and support our country, so I figure we could break our day and give a little bit back," said Keith Moree. 

So far they have run 25 miles and there are still two days of the Winter Games.

"With our flag, we are actually keeping track of each day we go. The longest we have done is four miles in a day," said Ryan Sacko.

You may have seen their pictures on Instagram, their #milesformedalswon trending on Twitter, or maybe you spotted them jogging down Main on your way to work.

"It's a good way to get some honks and get some support for the Olympic Team," said Andy Melanson.

Moree came up with the idea after the 2012 London Olympics, and two years later when the U.S. headed to Russia, they decided to go ahead with their commitment to run.

"You know to get people cheering about America and how free we are, being able to do something crazy like this because of the people who sacrificed before us," said Sacko. 

"When you see things that have been happening in Libya, Syria, and the Ukraine now, it's nice to be able to kind of reinforce our freedom and be thankful. To not take it for granted our freedom and everything we have been given, and the opportunities we have," said Ben Saunders.

Although there are two more days until closing ceremonies in Sochi, the Capital City will see them again when they hit the streets for round two during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

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