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Legislation could give schools more make-up days


Fast-moving legislation in the State House could have the answers after South Carolina kids missed several days of school due to two bouts of wintry weather.

This bill allows school districts to forgive up to five days of canceled classes.

Schools already have three make-up days allotted in their calendar, but this proposal would give them up to three additional days. Lawmakers say many districts, particularly in the areas  hardest hit by last week's ice storm, are eager for more make up days as testing dates in most cases can't be pushed back.

"We have testing coming up and they need instructional time in the classroom," said Sen. Brad Hutto. "We recognize that the three days given to them were not enough, so we hope by giving some additional flexibility, it would accommodate their schedules."

Under the current state law, schools are required to make up missed days to maintain at least 180 days of instruction time per year.

This bill heads to the Senate Education Committee next week.

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