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Carolina Children's Home closing programs in priority shakeup

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The Board of Directors at Carolina Children's Home has announced a shakeup of priorities that includes closing down a program for behaviorally challenged youth.

The news came in the form of a release Thursday morning, and said the organization will instead focus their resources on outpatient community counseling and treating eating disorders.

The release goes on to say CCH will close its High Management program for behaviorally challenged children and the portion of the Psychiatric Residential Treatment program.

The changes will affect 45 full-time and 24 part-time staff members who will be offered severance packages and other opportunities within the organization.

"There are many reasons why CCH is taking this new path including: a consistent need for outpatient counseling for the community and uninsured, the rapidly growing number of individuals with eating disorders, the national and state trend to fewer placements of behaviorally challenged and mentally ill youth into group homes, as well as limited resources for these state supported programs." said CCH CEO and Executive Director Peggy Torrey.

In 2013, the group opened The Hearth Center, one of the state's first treatment centers focusing solely on eating disorders. 

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