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Dutch Fork community rallies behind memory of slain teen


It's hard to lose anyone, but when you're a teenager, you never think you would have to bury one of your friends. Dutch Fork High School students are dealing with a tragedy, but they're going through it together.

Tuesday night's basketball games at Dutch Fork were about more than just winning. The games were about friendship, No. 48 , and playing for DaVon Capers, the 17-year-old Dutch Fork student killed in a stabbing Monday night.

"I just can't imagine being DaVon's mom. I was happy my son was safe, but just so broken hearted for their family," said a parent of a Dutch Fork High School student.

"Unfortunately, my son was at the Cook-Out restaurant last night, so he got to see everything, almost everything, that happened," said the parent. "No student should have to see that kind of thing happen to one of their friends, their classmate."

On Tuesday night, students packed the Dutch Fork gym for a moment of silence before the basketball games.

"All of the kids wanting to come to this game tonight, that says a lot," said the parent.

Forty-eight was Capers' football number. Students and parents signed a T-shirt Tuesday night with the No. 48 on the front and "In Memory of DaVon Capers" on the back.

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