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22-year-old cat gets life-saving medication after nearly week-long UPS delay


Last week's snow storm is still causing big problems in Charlotte. A week after the snow started, UPS is facing a major backlog of deliveries.

We found one man who waited for a week to get a delivery of his cat's life-saving medication.

Norman the cat is nearly 23-years-old, and needs special medicine for cats that comes from a pharmacy in Houston. Owner Jeff Osborne paid for overnight delivery early last week, but says Norman's medicine was being held at the UPS Charlotte hub for seven days.

When WBTV talked with Osborne on Tuesday night, he said he'd documented everything that's happened since his package was supposed to arrive.

He said he'd been on the phone with UPS for more than 15 hours, and won't stop until he gets his delivery.

"I am optimistic that anybody can help me. It couldn't be worse, I'm not getting my package right?," he said.

Osborne is waiting on life saving medication for his best friend, Norman.

"Norman is my best buddy. He's my best pal," Osborne said. "I didn't expect it on Wednesday because it was snowing all day. I kind of expected it Thursday afternoon. Really expected it on Friday."

Osborne says he tried several times to pick up the medicine himself, but no luck. At almost 23 years old, Norman has already beaten the odds, and his best friend hopes he'll continue with or without the medicine.

"I just hope that nothing long term detrimental is going to happen to him because of it," Osborne said.

WBTV made some calls and put Osborne directly in touch with top public relations official at UPS. Ten minutes later, the phone rang and this time another UPS manager was on the line.

The pharmacy in Houston shipped a new dose of medicine and UPS guaranteed they'd deliver the medicine first thing in the morning.

"That's a heck of a lot better information than I had five minutes ago so that's pretty good," Osborne said.

WBTV learned on Wednesday morning that Osborne received Norman's medicine around 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.

A spokeswoman for UPS sent WBTV the following statement:

UPS continues to have a backlog of packages in Charlotte impacted by last week's storms throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Processing delays may continue for several days.  Customers can track their shipments on UPS.com for the latest delivery status.

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