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Snow, ice aftermath leaves behind potholes

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The snow and ice on South Carolina's roads created one mess, what's left behind has created another: potholes.

The biggest impact from potholes, according to car experts, is to the rubber bushings inside the wheel well.

"Over time they kinda get dry rot and cracked up and every time you just put that, hit that pothole it just puts pressure on it," said Bryan Bouknight with Complete Car Care.

And that pressure can knock your vehicle out of alignment -- another threat on your tires.

Poorly aligned cars also damage the highways. On Knox Abbott Drive, chunks of line markers and reflectors litter the street's median. According to state Transportation Department, unless there's money at the end of the budget year, the reflectors won't be replaced. Driver's claims also add up. Last January through March, when the weather wasn't nearly as bad, we found DOT paid out nearly $413,000 on pothole claims for three months statewide.

If you do have damage to your car as the result of a pothole, you can make a claim with the state. It just starts with a little bit of paperwork.

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