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Aiken County residents remain hopeful despite devastation


Tree branches and debris still litter homes in Aiken County as thousands wait for their power to be restored.

From this view, things look picture perfect, but on the ground, it's a different story.

"Pretty bad shape," said Richard Johnson, Jr. "It's going to take a while to get everything cleaned up and back to normal."

The ice storm left tens of thousands of people in Aiken County without power.

"Keeping everything in the cooler right now, waiting for Monday when they say the power will be back on," said Dwayne Brown.

Brown has been in the dark since Wednesday morning.

"Snuck up on us," Brown said.

His yard looks a lot different than it used to.

"Heard trees popping all around us," Brown said.

Johnson said he has seen his fair share of storms.

"This exceeds anything I've ever seen," Johnson said. "This is worse than Hugo was."

Friday night's earthquake also rattled Aiken.

"We didn't know what was going on," Brown said. "Ran outside and it was just vibrating. It shook the house pretty good."

Getting back to normal will take some time.

"Got to go get a chainsaw so I can cleanup this yard," Brown said.

But if you take a good look.

"Everybody is helping everybody who needs it, and we all need help," Johnson said.

You can usually find

"When tragedy happens we all tend to pull together," Johnson said.

A silver lining.

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