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'It sounded like a big boom': Edgefield residents describe magnitude 4.1 earthquake

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EDGEFIELD, SC (WIS) People in several states felt a magnitude 4.1 earthquake near Edgefield Friday night, the United States Geological Survey reported.

Edgefield residents said they describe it as a plane crashing, a locomotive rushing by and even a semi overturning, they said you could feel the earthquake rolling away.

"It shook; it felt like it had been picked up and just thrown back down really," said Christi Westbrook. "Just so loud, I never knew earthquakes were so loud, it was a big, big boom and rumbles and more booms and just very, very loud, very scary."

Christi's three children were awakened by the rumbling.

"Mom came up and said, 'did you hear that?'" Noah Westbrook said. "I was like, 'no', and I woke up ran down the stairs looked outside. I thought a tree had fell or something like that."

Christi said she joked with her friends.

"They said, 'it sounded like a big boom outside', I said here it sounded like it was inside, like it was the house and we joked and I said, 'I think it happened right here'," Christi said.

She wasn't far off, on a google earth map, the epicenter, according to preliminary data from the USGS, was three quarters of a mile from their home on North Martintown Road.

"It's scary to think we were in the epicenter," Noah said.

That epicenter closer still to China Grove Baptist Church, where the first survey was done, and the call made to Pastor Luther Garrett.

"I didn't know how bad it was, how severe it was," Garrett said.

Inside there was good news, not a hymnal out of place.

"I'm going to go on back through and check," Garrett said.

Out back, problems surfaced.

"Oh, there's a little crack up there," Garrett said. "Where this end runs into the church, there about three bricks with a crack, kind of like steps."

The crack in the front 140 year old church, worse yet. The roof was replaced in October, the cracks never mentioned.

"We pray that, you know, that we're going to get it repaired, we pray that, we hope we're going to be able to do that," Garrett said.

The community is grateful the damage wasn't more extensive.

Noah said his 8th grade class knows the damage an earthquake can cause.

"Seeing how much damage they did and looking around and seeing no damage is kind of amazing," Noah said.

The Edgefield County Emergency Management office knows it could take some time to work on these assessments, they're asking residents to go out look around their home and if they notice any type of damage to report it.

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