Duke Energy outage numbers continue to dwindle in Sumter Co. - wistv.com - Columbia, South Carolina

Duke Energy outage numbers continue to dwindle in Sumter Co.


Downed trees have become a common sight in Sumter as crews continue to restore power to thousands.

And as has been the case all over the Midlands a tree came down on Sumter's Anderson Street on critical utility lines.

Fortunately for most in the neighborhood, the power wasn't off for very long.

"I lost power for maybe about two hours... thank God for that," said Sumter resident Larry Bolden.

Sidney Carter said losing power this time was nothing compared to 1989 when Hurricane Hugo hit here.

"We had to get water from a nearby pond just to flush the bathroom toilet," Carter said.

Most of the outages in the city involve Duke Energy customers.

The company has a command center and staging area for its workers at Sumter's Dillon Park.

Duke's crews have managed to drop the number of outages from more than 9,200 down to about 4,400 as of Friday night.

Almost half the power problems are within the city of Sumter.

Duke said it hopes to get everyone's service restored by Sunday night or sooner.

The Black River cooperative has also been trying to repair outages for customers who totaled almost 1,900 late Friday morning.


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