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Many in Aiken Co. town without power and water

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With the power out in Monetta it was cash only at the Cheap Way on Highway 39 in Aiken County.

"We have these cards we can use today and believe me when we don't have them we're in a world of trouble," said Rick, the owner of Cheap Way. "I have four kids and I asked them one day how much cash do you have on you? One of them had $7."

Without power the gas pumps have been out of order since Wednesday, but the store is open providing those without power necessities.

"They're good to us, we got to be good to them," Rick said.

Fourteen miles away in New Holland, Jimmy Carver and his neighbors have been without power for over 36 hours.

"All we can do is hope if we don't have power," Carver said. "There's nothing we can do. Some of the people have gone out and bought generators, but I'm disabled, I can't drive."

Neighbors are using propane heaters and a woodstove to keep warm, and now the town's water supply has run dry.

"She said the reason the water ran out was because everyone was dripping the faucets so the pipes wouldn't freeze, but you'd think there would have to be a redundant system to pump the water if the electricity went off," Carver said.

In the community owned system's 40 year history this is the first time the tank that holds a day's supply has run dry.

"We have called the power company once or twice and they're just like everybody else they're loaded," said President of New Holland water Lendel Hutto. "I know that, I can respect that they stay out there all night just like everybody else doing their own thing."

On Friday afternoon, neighbors are grateful to see power crews on their street but are still bracing for a third cold night.

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