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Orangeburg power workers continue to restore power

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On Hillsboro Road in Orangeburg County, power crews there say the area was the first to lose power and could be the last to get it.

Power lines still drape the ground with trees and limbs stretched across them as crews worked to clean up the mess and restore power.

The delay in restoring power to the county comes from the utility, who says they're priority is to get the largest number of customers back on the grid fiirst, then work down to smaller numbers.

As line get repaired, damage at homes could delay the reconnection process.

"To be perfectly honest with you, I think we can get a majority of our customers back online sometime before midnight tonight," said one power worker. "There'll be some that will still be out tomorrow, but a lot of it will be based on the structural damage that might be occurring at their home. Because if their weatherhead or their meter base is pulled away from their home, that's something they have the responsibility to repair before we can make a reconnection to their house."

Hannah Earle's been at her grandparents house for three days without power. Although she finds some humor in her situations, that's not the story across the county.

Hannah and her grandparents have been using wood that fell around the yard for heat. They've been charging phones by car, but she's been getting yelled at by her grandfather for that.

"I got the lovely idea to use the car and then papa yelled at me for using his battery," Earle laughed, "because we do need our car."

The extent of the damage at the earle house are limbs spread across the front and back yard. They've been making the best of this even though Earle says it's been tough to deal with.

"Our food, some of our food's gone bad," said Earle. "We've had to go out and buy more food. It's been hard. But, we've gotten through. It's all right."

The power company says they're working to get the largest numbers of customers, hospitals, public safety agencies back on the power grid, then they'll work their way down to the smaller numbers who are going on a full third day without power.

It could still take several more days county-wide.

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