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Don't be that driver...

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In addition to icy roadways, there's another, less known, danger to those making their way out on the roads this morning.

That buildup of ice and snow on your hood and on top of your car will be a danger, not necessarily to you, but to other drivers.

You see, if you neglect to remove that frozen mass, once you get moving on the roads it's going to start sliding or flying off your vehicle. And, when that happens, those chunks will become projectiles floating right into others' fields of view temporarily blinding them.

In addition, these flying ice masses can easily break windshields or cause other superficial damage.

Oh, and there's a chance some of that leftover snow and ice could just slide onto your windshield while you're driving.

So, when you're wiping and scraping those windows, take the extra time to clean off the rest of your car.

Other drivers will only have to worry about what's on the road and not what's flying in the air.

Really, don't be the person who causes an accident because you were lazy.

By the way, leaving ice and snow on your car and then driving is actually illegal in some states.

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