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Thousands finding alternative ways to keep warm

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The sound of generators is an all too familiar sound these days.

"Generators big enough to keep the living room warm," said Sumter County resident Steve Meyer. "The rest of the house is 60 degrees or 50 degrees. The closest place that has power is 6 miles down the road. Nobody else has power."

He has more to worry about than just his family.

"Their manes were saturated," said Meyer looking at his horses. "Icicles hanging off their mane."

Snow and ice is not what these horses are used to.

"We had to put blankets on them and even with the blankets on they're still shivering," Meyer said.

Freezing temperatures cause more than chills.

"You have to wing it with the water situation," Meyer said. "Chop it with a hammer or a pretty good solid piece of wood. We had 2 inches of it last night."

Meyer said he can't do much, but wait.

"It's up to two days to a week," he said.

He said he seems to have things covered.

"Blankets, generators, and fireplace," Meyers said. "If you have a fireplace, you're lucky."

The winter weather doesn't seem to bother Meyer.

"Everybody else is ready for the power to be back on," he said. "Not used to this stuff."

But he understands why not everyone, is taking it in stride.

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