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In sleepy Ridgeway, snow a welcome distraction

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When you've been in business since before the Civil War, it takes more than a few inches of snow to shut down the store. In fact, at Ruff and Company in downtown Ridgeway, Tuesday's snowfall can be helpful by bringing in customers looking for heating fuel.

"Propane," said Daniel Ruff. "A lot of it. We needed to order some more yesterday since the prices have already gone up."

Ihe store has its own heating source, one that won't fail even if the power goes out.

Since this place deals in the old school way of doing things, no one here has to worry about the computers or cash register not working.

A couple of blocks away, staying warm involves blueberry cobbler and hot coffee served up at a soon to be renovated tire store that is being turned into a cafe called "The Old Station."

Behind the counter, Phyllis Dinkins says Ridgeway is doing fine with the snow.

"I'm getting along real good. We're cooking up goulash and cobbler and we're doing good," she said with a smile. "The roads aren't too bad, but it'll probably be a mess tonight if it all freezes over."

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